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The ABCs of Roof Maintenance: Are You Doing Enough?

From online stories to hearing a friend’s homeownership journey, it’s easy to get caught worrying about the secrets a new home may be hiding. While there isn’t a new homeowners guidebook, our team at Knights Roofing is here to help you start protecting your new home from the top down. How much do you really know about your roof?

Upset woman calling roof repair service about roof leak

Know the Signs: Where is Your Roof Leaking Coming From?

Do you hear the persistent pitter-patter of water in your home even when the taps are closed? The last thing you want as a homeowner are the unexpected sounds you can’t track down. While spring brings warmer weather and more daylight for outdoor activities, it can also reveal a roof leak. This guide will show you what signs to watch for, how to spot a roof leak, and how a professional Edmonton roofing company can help you beat the leaks.

Residential roof inspection

How a Roof Inspection Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Selling your home is both thrilling and challenging. Amidst the excitement, it’s easy to overlook critical details like the condition of your roof. Yet, your roof is a significant factor in determining your home’s worth on the market. Uncover the benefits and learn how to avoid common pitfalls for roof inspections before selling to help make informed decisions that will enhance your selling experience.

spring roofing repair edmonton

Ready, Set, Repair: Is It Time for a Spring Roof Repair?

Roof damage in winter demands prompt attention to prevent further issues. Ice and heavy snow can reveal cracks and vulnerabilities, necessitating immediate action. We’ll explore the feasibility of spring repairs, typical winter roof challenges, and proactive measures for damage prevention. Is your commercial flat roof ready for spring showers?

metal roof snow guards

How do Metal Roof Snow Guards Work?

How well does your roof handle snow? In Alberta, we are no strangers to heavy snowfall and high winds that can result in snow avalanches, or roof collapses. While a higher-pitched roof can help to avoid leaks, the incline is not your friend when it comes to metal roofs. So how do you stop the risk of falling snow? The answer: snow guards.

Knights Roofing flat roof repair team

Knights Among Us

Since 2007, Knights Roofing has looked for opportunities to change the game of roofing. Your roof is one of the most important parts of a home or commercial space. Like a true knight, the roof helps to protect the interior from the cold, dirt, snow, rain, sun, and wind. It prevents health hazards, minimizes potential danger, retains heat, and shields all the precious cargo inside. Ensuring this foundational part of your home and its protection is the first step to providing peace of mind.


7 Benefits of Insulating a Roof

Are the cold hands and feet back already? As the summer heat is on its way out, more time spent indoors means we are aware of things going on at home. Drafts and high energy bills this early in the season are a warning sign for a cold winter ahead, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Roof insulation is one of the most common causes of colder homes, and it is becoming a more valuable investment in your home as the weather shifts.

residential sloped roofing

What is Residential Sloped Roofing?

Considering roofing repairs and maintenance? The most common time for booking a re-roofing service is after the winter months. Days of heavy snowfall, ice storms, and wind can take a toll on your roof. Whether this is your first time renovating your roof or you’ve lost count, we want to help you protect your home this year. 

what is commercial flat roofing?

What is Commercial Flat Roofing?

From new construction builds to re-roofing, we have something for everyone when it comes to flat-roof commercial buildings. Re-roofing can be quite intrusive for the property owner and tenant as there are people in and around the structure during the roofing process. Knights Roofing takes the utmost care and diligence in the work site’s safety and provides tenants with up-to-date information and progress to help the project go smoothly.