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Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Keeping you safe by removing excess snow from your roof.

Snow can be incredibly heavy, and when it piles up on your commercial building’s roof it can cause some major issues. Knights roofing will come to your commercial building and remove excess snow that has gathered on your roof due to large snow quantities or wind blown snow. This is a preventative maintenance for the building that is incredibly important for northern locations like the Edmonton area.

Why Commercial Roofs Need Snow Removal

Due to the excessive weight snow that is left to pile up could cause structural concerns and stress on the building. If the snow is blown and piled high up against a wall or glazing wall, it could cause leaks and wet spots once the snow starts to melt. Snow that is left on the roof could also get sucked into the building’s HVAC system, causing other mechanical concerns. In the winter months, it’s important to regularly check the snow levels of your building and schedule commercial snow removal where needed.

Knights Roofing will work with commercial property owners to properly dispose of any and all snow we remove. We can arrange for dump trailers to take all the snow off site, or, work with property managers to find a suitable location to move the snow and pile it away from the building. Our commercial snow removal process is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to fit your commercial building’s specific needs. Contact Knights Roofing for all your commercial snow removal needs, today!