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Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Roof damage due to snow buildup and ice damming are two of the most common insurance claims in the winter.

Protect your most important asset, and reduce the likelihood of an expensive and stressful liability claim by ensuring your commercial roof is maintained this winter. Rooftop snow removal can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment or training. It’s also incredibly labour intensive.

Trust Knights Roofing to safely and effectively remove the snow from your commercial roof, so you can get the protection from above your property needs all winter long. Our fully trained and equipped team will keep your roof clear without damaging your roof. They’ll also follow all Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines at each and every site to ensure your property, personnel, and the general public are safe.

Oftentimes, rooftop snow removal is performed during extreme and dangerous conditions. This work should never be performed by personnel who aren’t equipped, trained, or qualified.

Dangers of Snow Build Up on Your Commercial Roof

The National Research Council of Canada indicates that a roof can only handle 22 lbs of snow for every square foot. In Edmonton, where we experience high winds and heavy snowfalls, you can exceed that maximum weight quickly. And if the snow isn’t removed promptly and safely, these expensive damages can occur:


Hassle-Free commercial Roof Snow Removal in Edmonton & Surrounding areas

Stay warm this winter, and let us handle your rooftop snow removal. We’ll work with commercial property owners to properly dispose of any and all snow we remove. By arranging dump trailers to take the snow offsite or by working with property managers to find a suitable location to move the snow, we’ll keep your experience completely hassle-free. Flexible and adapted to fit your commercial building’s specific needs, our snow removal process will take the stress out of your winter roof maintenance.


Keep Your Commercial Asset Safe This Winter

Certified in safety

Safety is our top priority. And we invest heavily in ensuring our team has the best safety training available, so you don’t have to worry about liability concerns or damages to your roof.

No Matter the Roof, We Can Help

We perform commercial roof snow removal on a variety of roofing types, including: 

  • Flat roofs with both 2 ply membranes or BUR systems
  • Sloped roofs with shingles
  • Metal roofing systems

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We provide free estimates for commercial roof snow removal. 

Our weather patterns will determine how often snow needs to be removed from your commercial roof. Here are some of our recommendations: 

  • After a heavy snowfall (especially if that snow is wet)
  • After periods of heavy wind (to remove snow drifts)
  • Before snow exceeds the maximum weight of 22 pounds 
  • If you notice ice dams, leaks, or indications of structural damage (leaks, cracks, etc.)

We provide flexible services and will work around your schedule to ensure our commercial roof snow removal doesn’t impact or interfere with your operations.

Yes! We work closely with all of our clients to ensure their roof snow removal needs are met. Contact us to learn more about ongoing maintenance. 

Yes! We perform rooftop snow removal and roof repairs for multiple building management companies in the greater Edmonton region.

Hear From OUr Past Clients

S. Buan
The team at Knights was first class during the entire process. Customer service, attention to detail, weather workarounds, pride in workmanship and super clean/tidy job site… We highly recommend them.
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R. Eguren-Echaiz
Very professional and they do a great job. From getting the quote to finishing the service it was a completely stress-free experience with no surprises.
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K. Kempton
Constantly available by text or phone and immediately deals with any issues that have come up during our normal Alberta rain-snow-sleet-sun days.
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