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Edmonton Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial Roof Inspections for Your Peace of Mind

Knights Roofing will come out to your commercial site and access your project. We’ll review the entire site for any visible issues, and our team is also equipped to use thermal imaging as a non-destructive test method to see what is going on in the roof that the naked eye can not see.

Commercial roof inspections can be incredibly important to ensure that your roof is safe and doing its job. After a new roof is installed, a commercial building inspection should be done every two or three years to ensure that all maintenance and repairs have been completed correctly and there are no arising issues or concerns. You should also check your commercial insurance policy to ensure that your inspections are compliant with your coverage.

Why You Need a Commercial Roof Inspection


It’s been over three years since your last roof inspection


You are concerned about your new roof


There are on-going issues with your roof that regular maintenance doesn’t seem to fix


After general maintenance there are requirements that need to be looked into

If you think it’s time for your next commercial roof inspection, call Knights Roofing! Our highly experienced team will be able to find any issues that may be present, as well as provide a plan to fix them.