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Residential Roof Inspections Edmonton

Inspecting your home’s roof for safety and peace of mind

Knights Roofing will provide your home’s roof system with a comprehensive inspection. A roof system is constantly exposed to dramatic changes in temperature, rain, wind, snow, ice and sunlight. This exposure, as well as normal wear and tear, degrades roofing materials. Wood becomes brittle and weak, metal rusts, and shingles become worn, all of which can allow water to infiltrate your home causing expensive cosmetic or structural damage. Our team of highly trained professionals are able to fully assess the condition of your home’s roof to determine any action needed. Roofing inspections are one of our most popular and important residential roofing services

What is included in a home roof inspection?

Most roofing companies offer “free” roof inspections (with very little detail) with the intent of providing a quote to the customer to renovate the roof.

At Knights Roofing, we provide a comprehensive roof inspection report that offers the following information:

  • Multiple pictures of the entire roof including protrusions and components
  • Detailed explanations of problem areas, material or component break downs
  • Required actions to remedy/repair specific issues
  • Budgetary cost of repairs or replacement
  • Life expectancy of the existing roof system
  • Signed by a building envelope engineer, certified roof inspector, or certified red seal journeyman

Why you need a residential roof inspection

There are several reasons you may need a residential roof inspection. Here are a few examples:

  • You are buying or selling the home
  • You’ve experienced multiple issues with your roof
  • There’s a roof leak that hasn’t been easily found/fixed through maintenance
  • You want to budget for future roof maintenance and expenses
  • Conflict resolution after possible “questionable roofing work” has been performed

The cost of a comprehensive roof inspection of a residential home starts at $400 depending on the size, height, and slope of your home’s roof. Contact Knights Roofing today to get a quote for a comprehensive roof inspection report of your home.