Knights Among Us

Earning our Badge of Honour

Since 2007, Knights Roofing has looked for opportunities to change the game of roofing. Your roof is one of the most important parts of a home or commercial space. Like a true knight, the roof helps to protect the interior from the cold, dirt, snow, rain, sun, and wind. It prevents health hazards, minimizes potential danger, retains heat, and shields all the precious cargo inside. Ensuring this foundational part of your home and its protection is the first step to providing peace of mind. The second step is our commitment to quality service. Trusting a stranger to care for your home is not easy, but knowing that they have your back and are not looking at your roof as just a quick job is a good starting point.

What Roofing Certifications Does Knights Roofing Have?

Red Seal Journeyman

The Red Seal Journeyman certification is the highest national certification standard in Canada for Canada. From outlining apprenticeship requirements to continuously growing in expertise, this certification is awarded to roofing professionals who show an aptitude for mechanical thinking and dexterity and can work as a team to accomplish a task per all regulations and up to code. Each year, we are constantly learning about new trends and techniques and vetting them to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship.

ARCA Membership

The Alberta Roofing Contractor Association strives to ensure that each member is striving for excellence in craftsmanship and delivery for homeowners across the province. Each member is audited regularly to ensure that our work matches that of our promises to service. Through our ARCA membership, we can bring our service to the next level for our customers by honouring their warranty certification.

Beaulmer Approved

Did you know that Knights Roofing was one of the first roofing companies in Western Canada to be Beaulmer Approved? To ensure transparency between roofing contractors and homeowners across Canada, the Baeumler Approval seeks to help homeowners get connected to reputable support. Baeumler Approval is given to reputable roofing contractors who have a proven track record of quality workmanship, integrity, and honesty with every project. We can continue to protect from above as a result of nominations from our customers.

Our Code of Chivalry

From showing up in times of need to helping our community protect against the elements, our Roofing Knights will always answer the call. Our code of chivalry is made up of the values that we uphold as a team and as individuals. From our leadership team to each of our Knights out on the job, we are committed to quality workmanship and caring for each of our customer’s needs. Some of the values that make up the code of chivalry include servant leadership, accountability, and integrity.

Servant Leaders

When roof emergencies pop up, caring for our customers is our top priority. Each of our Knights is working at the front line from project scopes to service jobs and assisting with referrals. Our leadership team is ready to assist wherever possible, from ensuring they are accessible to our Knights and our customers, to even going so far as to give their numbers. Forging relationships with our customers through quality service and workmanship keeps us moving forward and has helped us to grow to serve more customers in communities around the Greater Edmonton area. When you feel at ease in your home knowing that your roofing needs are taken care of, then we know that we have served you well.


We believe in keeping our word to our customers. Regardless of good weather or bad, our teams will be there to support you during follow-up inspections and emergency repairs. Working with your schedule, and keeping our word about start times is important to help minimize lost time in your day and to stay on track with finishing a job. During the spring and fall months, our Knights are often in the thick of it with completing projects, but we will continue to work with you to address your roofing needs as soon as possible. Another element of integrity is ensuring consistent communication as a team and with our customers. We will take the time to explain our process and give you all the information needed to make the best decision for your roof. We will stand with you through unexpected roof leaks and damage and stay true to our word to get your roof back in fighting shape.


Serving our community is an honour, and we are not afraid to stand behind our work. Our Knights treat each project site as if it were their own, striving to do their best in everything from installations to maintenance and repairs. If a customer feels at all uncertain about our process, we take responsibility for every job and will work to find the best solution for your unique roofing needs. From working within commercial regulations to honouring our customers in our words and actions, we strive to uphold integrity in all that we do.

A Knight for Every Season: Year-Round Roofing Support

At Knights Roofing, we believe that our role as Roofing Knights is to not only protect in times of need but to be ready for anything. The elements can cause wear and tear to residential and commercial roofs in every season, but being ready for anything can help save you time and money this year. Our fall inspections can help you get a start on pre-season checks and preparations for winter storms and the threats they bring to your roof. Our team can help to address signs of flashing, leaks, or damage. During the winter months, consider booking snow removal services with Knights Roofing. In the spring and summer, we work with you in inspecting and addressing any challenges that have arisen on your roof.

Contact us today to meet with a Roofing Knight to receive a free estimate for your roofing needs.