Know the Signs: Where is Your Roof Leaking Coming From?

Do you hear the persistent pitter-patter of water in your home even when the taps are closed? The last thing you want as a homeowner are the unexpected sounds you can’t track down. While spring brings warmer weather and more daylight for outdoor activities, it can also reveal a roof leak. This guide will show you what signs to watch for, how to spot a roof leak, and how a professional Edmonton roofing company can help you beat the leaks.

Brown stain on ceiling from roof leak

5 Warning Signs Your Home Has a Roof Leak

Can your home relate to any of the following? If so, it is time to call in a roofing expert to assess the damage and create an action plan for roof leak repairs

  • Water dripping in your home’s interior.
  • Circular stains on the walls and ceilings
  • Peeling paint or bubbling
  • Dripping sounds in the attic
  • Wet and rotting roof sections

What Should I Do if My Roof is Leaking?

When it comes to a roof leak, the last thing you want to do is ignore the problem! Turning a blind eye to a roof leak can threaten your attic and storage spaces in the case of wood rot and electrical damage to your wiring system. If left unchecked, mould can set into your insulation.

Once a roof leak has been spotted, look for the source, and if possible, try to soak up as much water as likely to find a temporary patch solution. Do you need help determining where to begin evaluating a leak? That’s where we come in. Depending on the size of the leak and its location, we recommend contacting your local roofing professionals to book a residential roof inspection and emergency roof repairs. While you may not have the right tools for the job, our team at Knights Roofing has the expertise and tools to find the best solution for your roof and provide you with peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to give us a call right away!

In the case of a severe leak, check your insurance policy. Depending on its state and age, you can file an insurance claim based on a formal roof inspection report if your roof requires extensive repairs or a complete roof replacement.

Roof and shingles damaged from water leak

Top 5 Most Common Spring Repairs

At Knights Roofing, we’ve seen our fair share of spring surprises. Snow melt can reveal more than just your landscaping; it can also pave the way for costly roof repairs. We’re counting down the top five most common spring roof problems in Edmonton:

1. Roof wind damage

Spring brings warmer weather and the potential for roof wind damage, a common concern for homeowners. Gusts and strong winds can loosen or even remove shingles and tiles, compromising the roof’s integrity and leading to possible leaks and further damage.

2. Sagging roof

A sagging roof is a telltale sign of compromised structural integrity for your roof, most likely caused by heavy snow and excess moisture. Since most of your roof’s components are made from wood, undetected water leaks can result in humidity continuing to soak into the wood, weakening it over time.

3. Ice dams

Ice dams form when melted snow refreezes at the edge of roofs, creating barriers that prevent proper drainage. This can lead to water seeping under shingles, causing damage to roofs, ceilings, and walls inside the home.

4. Flashing and shingle damage

Flashing is a critical component of what makes your roof watertight when properly installed. When flashing is damaged, or shingles are curled, cracked or missing, you will have a leak on your hands. The most common areas where water will get in are vents, skylights, and chimneys.

5. Roof leak

A roof leak can show up due to countless things, from sealant gaps to missing shingles to holes and pests. Roof leaks differ because they can serve as a warning sign that, if left ignored, they risk further compromising your roof.

Can a Roof Leak Cause My Roof to Collapse?

While, in theory, a roof leak could cause your roof to collapse, it won’t be the end of your roof if you act on it in a timely manner. Taking extra precautions with annual residential roof inspections and seasonal maintenance can help prevent minor issues from snowballing into expensive repairs for your home. When in doubt, pay attention to your roof supports and any unexpected sounds that may indicate all is not well with your roof.

Book a Spring Roof Inspection

As the season shifts, your home deserves the utmost attention to ensure it remains a safe haven against unpredictable weather. Don’t let minor roofing issues escalate into significant, costly repairs. At Knights Roofing, we’re committed to providing you peace of mind through our comprehensive roof inspections and expert repair services. Why wait? Schedule your spring roof inspection today!