Residential Services

Residential Flat Roof Installation Edmonton

Knights Roofing will install your home’s new flat roof!

Although most residential homes and buildings are designed with sloped roofs, there are still many homes with flat roofs. Knights Roofing will ensure that your home will receive a high quality flat roof in an efficient manner.

Residential Building Types We Serve

We can perform flat roof services on any residential building! Building projects we’ve worked with include:

Residential Flat Re-Roofing

If your home is experiencing consistent issues with its flat roof, you may be in need of a roof replacement.

Knights Roofing will visit your home to provide a full plan on replacing your flat roof in a way that works for your household. A full flat roof replacement project can take some time and cause interruptions for your home, but with Knights Roofing you can rest assured that we will work to complete your project as quickly as possible. With the right strategic plan and materials, we can replace your home’s flat roof system in a way that will suit your needs and last for years to come.

Signs Your Residential Building Needs a New Roof:


Water is leaking into your home


Your roof is allowing heat/cold to escape from inside your home


Your roof is bubbling or sagging


Your roof is old and causing issues


You end up repairing your roof on the regular

Residential New Construction Flat Roofing

Successfully building your home’s roof is an important step in ensuring your new construction home will remain energy efficient with few issues. Knights Roofing will guarantee that your home’s roof will be built with the highest quality materials and that home building standards and codes are followed to the letter. Our highly experienced team will ensure that your roof doesn’t face issues down the road. Trust Knights Roofing to complete your new home construction flat roofing project correctly, the first time.