Will a New Roof Increase my Home Value?

Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home. It’s responsible for protecting your home and family from rain, snow, hail, and more. And here in Alberta, we get all of that and more. So having an expertly installed roof with quality shingles is extremely important. However, it’s not the only benefit of a new roof. One of the questions we’re often asked is, “will a new roof increase my home value?” 

The answer will largely depend on a few conditions. So, let’s take a look at which factors will lead to a new roof increasing your home value. After reading this post, you’ll have all the information necessary to decide whether you need a new roof installed before listing your home!

What is the current state of your home?

If your roof is old, outdated, and in visible need of repair, installing a new roof will increase your home’s resale value. In addition, if your roof is leaking or damaged, most (if not all) real estate agents and appraisers will advise getting it repaired before listing your home. 

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However, if your roof is relatively new (ideally, five years old or less), then a new roof likely won’t be necessary. Most buyers are attracted to the idea of a new roof, because they won’t have the hassle and added cost of replacing it themselves. But, depending on the longevity of your roof and the warranty terms, if they don’t have to worry about a full roof replacement for ten to fifteen years (or more!) down the road, it likely won’t negatively impact the overall value of your home.

So when asking yourself: ‘will a new roof increase my home value?’ first assess the current condition of your roof. If it’s in visible need of repair, your best bet is to have it replaced. If it’s only been a few years since your last roof replacement, you can rest easy!

And when in doubt contact an Edmonton roofing company or speak with your real estate agent or appraiser!

What shingle / roofing type are you planning to install?

There is no shortage of roofing and shingle types on the market. And the type of shingle or roof system you choose can impact the upward trajectory of your resale value. So let’s take a quick look at the most common shingles available in Edmonton!

01. Asphalt Roofing in Edmonton

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used on Edmonton homes. On average, most asphalt shingles roof systems consists of several different components, including:

  • Ice & Watershield Membrane
  • Synthetic Underlay
  • Metal drip edge flashing
  • Shingles
  • Vents.

They also come in a variety of colors, giving you the freedom to choose the style you prefer. As a general rule of thumb, an asphalt shingle roof system will cost between $8000 and $10,000 for the average home.

But you might be asking yourself: “will a new roof increase my home value if I use asphalt shingles?” Although you probably won’t see an exact match on your ROI, installing a new asphalt roof if your current roof is in poor condition, will improve your home’s value, and it can also contribute to attracting more interested buyers.

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02. Metal Roofing in Edmonton

Metal roofing has steadily been gaining in popularity, mainly because of its impressive longevity. Most metal roofs (including ours!) come with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty, and they are designed to last a lifetime. 

That being said, they are also more expensive than asphalt roofing. On average, a metal roof replacement costs 2 to 3 times more than asphalt shingles. And a new metal roof can improve your resale value by up to $25,000.

Similar to asphalt roofing, you likely won’t experience a 100% ROI. However, you will attract more interested buyers and have a higher chance of selling your home before it sits on the market for too long and starts to lose its value. 

If you’re looking for Edmonton metal roofing, we are this city’s only certified Platinum Installer of Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles, the finest quality metal shingles in the world. They come with a 50 year warranty and are available in a range of colours!

03. Rubber Shingles

Rubber Shingle roofing is one of the more expensive roofing types, but still very comparable to metal roofing. And while they have many benefits, including durability, enhanced curb appeal, and various profiles, they are not for every homeowner’s budget. 

Community of homes with new roofs that increase their resale value

How do I know if I need to replace my roof?

There are several signs that indicate you need a new roof, including:

  • You’re experiencing leaks
  • The shingles on your roof are curling, or your missing shingles
  • You’re finding loose granules in your eavestroughs, or you’re noticing that your shingles are missing granules
  • You’ve had to call your local roof repair company on a regular basis
  • Your shingles are starting to crack

If you’re noticing any of these common signs of a roof in need of replacement, contact us today, and discover how we offer the best roofing in Edmonton!

What are some other selling points of a new roof?

While a new roof will increase your home value, it also creates selling points for your real estate agent (or yourself, if you decide to sell privately)!

New Warranty

When a buyer purchases a home, having a new roof warranty can make a huge difference. Most new roofs will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and a labor warranty. If a buyer doesn’t have to worry about added costs associated with major roof repairs, this is a massive sale feature your real estate agent can highlight.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Replacing your roof will also increase your curb appeal. Because your home will be more visually appealing, it’s more likely to garner increased interest and offers. 

So…will a new roof increase my home value?

In most cases, installing a new roof will increase your home’s value. So the answer is … yes!

If you’re looking for the best Edmonton roofing company to replace your damaged or aging roof, we can help! All of our crews are led by an experienced and highly skilled Red Seal Certified Journeyman, so you always know you’re receiving the best work possible.

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