How do you choose the right roofing contractor?

How are Roofing Companies Regulated?

In today’s world anyone can become a contractor, advertise on the internet and sell their services. You can research a company in attempt to do your due diligence, but you may be left relying on the honesty of the contractor as to whether you are hiring a true professional or not. All too often a dishonest contractor will operate his business until his problems of the past start catching up to him, close the company and start a new one immediately.

The Alberta government does not have guidelines or enforced regulatory measures for the roofing industry. Thus, you can start your own roofing company today with zero experience and solicit business. The Greater Edmonton region alone has hundreds of roofing companies, who can you trust?

Time Proven and Trusted

In 1961 a group of experienced and trusted Calgary and Edmonton roofing contractors established the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association, better known as the ARCA. The association’s primary objective, then and now, was to develop comprehensive guidelines for roofing product applications to support and advance Alberta’s roofing industry. Today, nearly six decades later, ARCA members annually perform approximately 70% of Alberta’s Industrial/Commercial roofing applications, new and re-roof. The ARCA board monitors its members and inspects roof system installations. Member’s privileges and membership can be suspended for non-compliance with Association policy and bylaws.

ARCA Member Requirements

Becoming a member is not as simple as paying a due or fee, a stringent process of inspections and screening is performed. The company must have:

  • minimum 2 years of history
  • must have a certified safety program (ACSA Certificate of Recognition)
  • Alberta Corporate Registration
  • Business License
  • W.C.B. and Liability Insurance
  • Journeyman Roofing Installers
  • 10 jobs that are minimum 2 years old will be inspected
  • 4 current jobs will be inspected while installation is in process
  • And finally, provide a $100,000 Financial Security Bond

The Choice is easy

As a business owner or home owner who needs your roof renovated, the worry of finding a roofing contractor you can trust has now been made easy. The ARCA has a 57-year track record of providing trusted and inspected contractors to the roofing industry.

Knights Roofing is proud to be a member in good standing of the ARCA. We are committed to not only being a leader in Alberta’s professional commercial and residential roofing industry, but also providing our clients with worry free roof installations from your initial call for an estimate to job completion.

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