Everything You Need to Know About Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roofs are most common on commercial developments. However, with the rise of modern designs, they are also becoming more and more popular on new homes. Durable and able to withstand cold climates, most flat roofing has a long lifespan and can protect your property (or home!) for many years. Yet, they are not indestructible and will require repairs and a replacement at some point. Learn everything you need to know about a flat roof replacement in this post!

We provide prompt, reliable, and experienced flat roofing replacements in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our team is highly trained and supervised by a Red Seal Certified Journeyman Foreman with over 10 years roofing experience.

How to know if your flat roof needs replacing

While there are some signs your flat roof needs to be replaced, we recommend getting an inspection done. A trained eye is your best shot at catching any small damages or areas of concern, so you can prevent leaks and water damage. But if you’d like to conduct your own assessment first, here’s some things to look out for: 

Pooling Water

Overtime, your building will shift. As it shifts, there’s a higher risk of water beginning to pool in areas. If not addressed, this water can work its way into the roofing membrane and potentially lead to cracks. 

If you spot a pool on your roof, contact a flat roofing contractor to drain the water and access the condition of your roof. Depending on their assessment, they may suggest repairs or a full flat roof replacement. 


Bubbling is the result of failure to the adhesion. In most cases, these bubbles are filled with air or water and are a result of:

  • Improper installation 
  • Ventilation issues
  • Poor insulation

While these damages can often be repaired, if they’re left untouched for too long, they can pop and cause internal water damage when it rains or snows. If you’re roof was poorly installed, a full flat roof replacement might be necessary.

Cracks or tears

Almost all roofing materials are susceptible to cracks, especially in our climate. Although most flat roofing material holds up remarkably well in our climate, the constant freezing and thawing will eventually lead to small cracks. If these cracks aren’t promptly repair, it can lead to water seeping into the cracks or broken seams and cause a leak. It can also make sections of the roof soft and uneven, making it dangerous to walk on and have a lower potential to bare heavy loads (like snow or ice). 

While cracks can be repaired, if you’re roof is old, overly damaged, or failing, it’s best to get a flat roof replacement. When you call for a free estimate, your roofing contractor will inspect your roof and provide an honest review of what’s needed to protect your property. 

Close up image of a roofer wearing protective gloves conducting a flat roof replacement in the winter

Can you replace a flat roof in the winter?

Yes, an experienced roofing professional can perform a flat roof replacement in the winter. Although it’s more convenient to replace a roof in the warmer, snow-free months, it’s best to fix a poorly performing roof in the winer than risk further water damage by waiting until the spring. 

How long does it take to replace a flat roof?

The timeline to replace a flat roof depends on a few variables, such as the size of the roof, the roofing material your contractor is installing, and the season. For instance, during a rainy season or winter, you’ll likely experience more weather-related delays.

As a general rule of thumb, most flat roof replacements take anywhere from three to five days to complete. 

How much to replace a flat roof?

Again, the cost of a replacement will depend on the size of your roof, your location, and the materials you’re installing. For instance, a rubber membrane roofing material costs more than a built up roof (BUR) or modified bitumen. 

Generally speaking, most flat roof replacements fall between $4 to $13 for material and labour. If you’re flat roof is 1000 square feet, this would put you at an estimated cost between $4000 to $13000. The best way to determine an accurate cost is to book an estimate. Your roofing contractor will give you a quote based on the specifics of your project. 

Flat Roof Replacement in Edmonton

If you need a flat roof replacement in Edmonton or surrounding areas, contact us today! We provide free estimates and highly skilled installation. Regardless of the season, we’ll provide reliable and trustworthy service while ensuring you have protection from above, so your investment is safe—rain or shine. 
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