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Residential Rooftop Snow Removal Edmonton

Professional Rooftop Snow Removal for Your Home

Knights Roofing is Edmonton’s preferred rooftop snow removal specialists. Unlike others, we only dispatch experienced roofing tradesmen to perform the work on your home. Inexperienced labour can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your roof system within minutes, and, in most cases, the warranty on your roof materials/installation will also become void. For residential rooftop snow removal, we can provide you with a quick, free estimate over the phone.

What Does Residential Snow Removal Entail?

Removing the snow from your home is a detailed process where we make sure not to cause any damage to your rain gutters, vents, shingles, and other roof hardware while still ensuring that your roof becomes free from the snow. An important factor of roof snow removal is ensuring the passive air vents on your roof are free and clear to provide air flow for the attic. Blocked air vents do not allow excess warm air to escape, causing the attic to “warm up”. This causes the snow to melt on the roof surface, water runs down to the cold eave edge only to freeze and begin the formation of ice dams. In short, it is a good practice to remove snow from the entirety of the roof, which needs to be completed by a professional. We do not remove any ice from your rain gutters as the material cannot withstand prying or the tools needed to remove the ice.

Our experienced tradesmen will:

  1. Remove over 95% of the snow from your roof. We do not attempt to remove all snow as we do not want to harshly scrape or scuff your roof materials, particularly asphalt shingles. We will only use plastic shovels on your home’s, as aluminum or steel shovels will scuff or tear off shingles.
  2. Ensure all roof vents are free and clear of snow and ice, allowing them to function properly
  3. Reduce ice dams on eaves edges (if present) as much as possible. We will not attempt to remove all ice as it is bonded to the shingles. Trying to remove all ice will damage the shingles.
  4. If any ice remains on the eave edges, we will cut trenches in the ice every four to six feet to allow for future melting and water run off.
  5. Any snow and ice removed from the roof which lands on any previously cleared sidewalks, driveways, decks, or patios will be shoveled aside.

When should I have the snow removed from my roof?

If you can’t see the vents on your roof, then the snow should be removed. A good rule to follow would be once the depth of roof snow reaches near 12 inches or 30cm, it’s time to have the snow removed. If you see ice dams forming on your eave edges, you should contact us to assess the problem.

How much does residential rooftop snow removal cost?

Removing the snow from the average 1000 square foot bungalow home will start at about $450.00. This price can vary due to the following factors:

All rooftop snow removal crews at Knights Roofing are experienced tradesmen covered by WCB and Liability Insurance. We are A+ rated by the BBB and are also Bauemler Approved, which gives our clients peace of mind that they are dealing with a trusted company.