How Often Do Gutters Need to be Replaced?

Your gutters play a pivotal role in your home’s maintenance. They protect your house by directing water or snow melt off of your roof and through your downspout. However, like all things related to your home, they require proper maintenance. But how often do gutters need to be replaced? And how do you know if a replacement is necessary or if it’s simply time for a cleaning?

In this post, we’ll provide the tell-tale signs that your gutters need to be replaced, as well as the average longevity of standard gutters. If you’re still unsure after reading this post, we offer Edmonton gutter replacement to ensure your roof is draining properly, so you can rest assured your home is protected from above. 

Why do you need to properly maintain your gutters?

Gutters divert water away from your house and foundation, effectively protecting your home from water damage during rain or snow melt. When your gutters are damaged, overflowing water can cause a wide range of issues, including: 

  • Water formation along your foundation, which can cause moisture to leak into your basement. This can also cause cracking, mold, or flooding. 
  • Damage to your exterior, such as peeling paint, rust stains, and water getting into the internal assembly of your home.
  • Sagging gutters or gutters that are disconnecting from your house.

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, check your gutters. Are they clogged? Do you notice water cascading down from them? Are there other issues you can’t pinpoint? 

If you’re not sure how to address your concerns, contact an Edmonton gutter repair company to access your home. They’ll give you the information you need to determine if a full replacement, repair, or cleaning is necessary.  

How long do gutters last?

You’re likely still asking yourself: how often do gutters need to be replaced? On average, gutters last for about 25 years. However, this estimate largely depends on a few factors, such as how often you or the previous owner had maintained the gutters, the material they’re made of, and whether they were installed correctly by a certified company. 

If you suspect your gutters haven’t been replaced in over 25 years, there’s a good chance you’ll need a replacement. So that leads to our next frequently asked question…

Gutters on suburban house

How much does it cost to replace gutters around the house?

Most gutter replacement typically falls around $10 per linear square foot. However, this average pricing varies, depending on:

  • The material of your new gutters
  • The design of your home 
  • How many stories your house has
  • Additional labour and installation costs
  • The colour and style of your gutters

If you’re looking for a free estimate on your gutter replacement in Edmonton, contact us today! We’ll access your gutters and provide honest insight into whether you need a full replacement or repairs. 

What causes gutters to degrade faster?

While your gutters should last 25 years, there are some common causes that can lead to premature damage, including: 

  • Improper installation: if you’re replacing your gutters, ensure a trained technician is completing the work. Without proper installation, your gutters can start to sag which may lead to water build-up and leaks.
  • Clogged debris: when leaves, granules, branches and other debris gets clogged in your gutters, it can prevent water from flowing the way it’s intended.
  • Poor sloping: if your gutters aren’t sloped properly, you won’t get adequate water flow to your downspouts.
  • Too few downspouts: not having enough downspouts for your home can lead to overflowing water during heavy rainstorms. On average, you should have a downspout per every 10 metres of gutter. 

Do gutters add value to a home?

Replacing or repairing your gutters before listing your home may improve your resale value. If you’ve recently had your gutters replaced and there are no obvious signs of disrepair, getting a new set likely won’t impact the sale price of your home. 

However, if your gutters are sagging or starting to dislodge from your home, this can create buyer’s hesitation and result in a lower sale price. Also, if your gutters are damaged, it can cause water stains on your exterior, which can also impact the price of your home. 

Having your gutters inspected by a professional before listing your home if you’re unsure whether they’re in good condition can help you decide whether a full replacement will increase your home value. 

What is the best season to remodel gutters?

Fall is the best time to have your gutters accessed or cleaned. Since the trees are shedding their leaves, it’s common for debris to accumulate in your gutter system. Ensuring that it’s clean before you head into winter will ensure that the spring snow melt won’t cause leaks or damage to your home. 

If you’re installing new gutters in the Fall, consider adding gutter protectors to your system. These guards will help prevent leaves and debris from building up in your gutters, requiring less maintenance and less opportunity for damage. 

Gutter Repair & Replacement in Edmonton

Now that we’ve answered your question—how often do gutters need to be replaced?—you’re probably looking for gutter repair or replacement in Edmonton. We’ve been providing quality and certified roofing services for the past 15 years. Our crews are led by a Red Seal Certified Journeyman Foreman, so you can rest assured that the work we perform is always delivered at the highest standards. 

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