Book your spring roof repairs: Why you shouldn’t wait on roofing repairs and maintenance?

With temperatures warming up, the winter melt is on its way! Spring is the best time for all things roofing, whether it is an inspection, or repairs and regular maintenance. Did you know that roof maintenance is the most overlooked repair in your home? When roof maintenance is ignored, you may start to see issues build over time, including:

  • High risk of asset damage due to leaks
  • Increased energy bills
  • Mold and mildew
  • Pest infestations
  • Increased unforeseen repair costs
  • Unnecessary stress

When it comes to roof maintenance, it is better to start sooner rather than later. If issues are caught early, the chances of minor repairs leading to major issues or dangers to your safety are minimized. Why risk weakening the structure of your home from water damage or mold? You might worry that you don’t know anything about roofing repair checks and so let professionals handle your home’s roofing maintenance and repairs. 

Why should I hire a roofing professional for repairs instead of DIY?

Roof repairs and maintenance can be costly, so a common avoidance is to consider DIY fixes, but let’s face it, the smarter move might be to let the roofer do the work. Why so?

  • Spotting roof damage: Roofers can spot damage or problem areas faster than others, which gives them credibility. Roof damage from extreme weather or trees can be costly, but we can make recommendations for easy spring maintenance such as gutter cleaning and tree trimming, in addition to what specifically needs to be repaired.
  • Increase the value of your home: When it comes to saving money, homeowners often ignore roof inspections or repairs or choose to DIY on their own. If repairs are done poorly, you may end up spending more money on secondary repairs. Working with a roofer means that minor repairs are our top priority.
  • Cost-effective repairs: A major misconception about DIY roof repairs is that they save money. In reality, roofers build relationships when they buy materials in bulk and can get you a better rate on products.
  • Protects roofing warranty: To maintain your warranty, most homeowners are required to have an inspection yearly. Professional roofers help to prevent warranty voidances that can result from improper repairs and maintenance, poor installation, or unauthorized modifications.
  • Peace of mind and safety: You shouldn’t have to worry about the state of your roof, and professional roofers work within clearly communicated timelines for repairs and work safely. Think about the new sofa you purchased, that painting you invested in, technology and gadgets that simplify and elevate your life, and more importantly, loved ones who are living in your home, don’t you want to keep them all safe? 

Why Knights Roofing Ltd? With us, you get protection from above! We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of repairs to ensure that we put our client’s well-being first. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, we are solutions-minded and work diligently to maintain our certifications. As homeowners, roof maintenance tends to be out of sight, out of mind. Our goal is to protect from above, and we will do all that we can to keep your home in tip-top shape.

What are common inspection checklist items?

Setting aside time for roof maintenance and inspections can add value to your home and protect against the elements and other threats. To know where to start, you can schedule an inspection to determine the state of your roof.

  • Clean out the eavestroughs: Dirt, leaves and debris can build up in your eavestroughs and cause problems with the flow of water. When water is left sitting, it can cause damage to your foundation and the eavestrough. As you clean, look for disconnected sections, holes, or other blockages such as ice dams.
  • Look for wind, snow or ice damage: The first signs of damage are missing, broken, peeling or warped shingles. If they are loose, an inspection will help give you an estimate for replacement costs or additional repairs. Over the winter months, pests such as birds, raccoons, or mice may have nested or built burrows underneath your shingles.
  • Inspect the roof flashing: Flashing refers to the pieces of metal that connect your roof in areas such as skylights, the chimney, or the roof edge. If your flashing is warped or showing signs of rust, it will need to be replaced.
  • Check for leaks or cracks: If your shingles or flashing were damaged during the winter, you might experience sagging sections of your roof or deterioration in the caulking. Cracks may form in the bricks of the chimney.
  • Clean the roof: As your roof is inspected, you may find that debris has accumulated across the roof. Flat roofs are prone to collecting dirt and debris and should be swept or pressure washed if necessary.

We got too technical real quick, didn’t we? Well, let us handle all the maintenance and repair work needed on your roof! 

Any electrical work or hazards that may arise during the inspection should be repaired only by a professional and not DIYed. At Knights Roofing Ltd., we offer a variety of services for roof repairs including:

  • Small leaks
  • Roof blisters
  • Fishmouths
  • Dried, deteriorated or delaminated membranes
  • Wet or rotten roof sections
  • Metal leakage
  • Deteriorated caulking
  • And more!

Why is spring the best time for repairs?

If your roof or insulation has been damaged, the warmer temperatures will be felt differently in your home. During the day, your home may feel hotter than usual, or a cold draft will seep in over time. Spring maintenance allows you to start on the right foot and save time to enjoy the warmer weather of summer later on. One of the reasons spring is the best time for repairs is that it can uncover hidden problems. Your roof may have structural damage or leaks caused by the wind and winter storms that can create larger problems if left untreated.

The spring temperatures make it easier for roofers to work with the materials safely while also finishing the job sooner. The materials are not as hot in the spring compared to the summer, so they are more inflexible and can be easily installed. The second reason to choose spring repairs is that roofing contractors have more availability compared to the summer. Your repairs can be finished on time and on budget rather than waiting for months.

Have you booked your spring roof inspection and maintenance yet? Book with us today for all your residential service needs or contact us for a free estimate.