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Every company offers free estimates, but ours are different. Many companies will provide a quote which shows the lowest price possible, but leave out components of the roof that are required to meet building code or the material manufacturer's warranty specifications. Their initial price may be hundreds of dollars cheaper than ours, but then offer "recommended options" at an additional cost, normally exceeding our price. Don't be fooled by sales tactics. Our estimates give you the entire picture, nothing is hidden.

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Our Estimate Proposals

Every sloped roofing Re-Roof Estimate will contain the following aspects:


  • Complete removal and disposal of the existing: shingles, underlayment and vents

  • Removal and repair of any rotten decking on the roof surface (if any found)

  • Install metal drip edge flashing to all eave edges - this helps prevent the dripping of water between the eaves trough and fascia

  • Installation of an Ice and Watershield Membrane to all eaves edges and valleys. This self adhering membrane acts as a "waterproof gasket" for the roof, in areas of the highest amount of water traffic. More rows may be required to meet your specific slope or roof system requirements.

  • Installation of an underlayment to cover the remainder of the roof deck which is not covered by the Ice and Watershield Membrane. The entire roof deck will be made "water tight" before the shingles are installed.

  • Installation of shingles not only to manufactures specifications, but beyond. All shingles will be installed using a "6 nail pattern", which qualifies the roof system for a "High Wind Rating Warranty" by the manufacturer.

  • All passive air vents, mechanical vents (for bathroom and kitchen fans) and plumbing vents will be replaced with new. Your existing ventilation will also be assessed to ensure your home meets current building code venting requirements. If more or different vents are required, it will be included in your estimate, not added as an option.

  • All vents and roof protrusions sealed with caulking, all exposed nail heads (in vents and flashings) will also be sealed.

  • Complete cleanup and removal of any and all roofing debris

  • Perimeter of the building will be magnetically swept to ensure pick up of any dropped nails

  • Inspection of the completed roof renovation 

How Long Will The Job Take?


After you have signed and accepted our proposal, we can typically be on the job within 2 weeks weather permitting. Depending on the size of the job, most residential homes (garage included) are started and completed within 1 or 2 days.

Payment Options


Once your roof installation is complete and has been inspected, payment in full is then requested. We accept: cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard.