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Commercial Sloped Roofing Company Edmonton

We will install a new sloped roof for your commercial building!

If you need a new sloped roof for your commercial building, trust Knights Roofing to install a brand new roof that will serve your building for decades to come.

Sloped Roof Commercial Buildings We Work With

We can work with commercial roofs of all kinds and sizes, but here are some of the commercial buildings we have worked with:

Commercial Sloped Re-Roofing Edmonton

At Knights Roofing, we will re-roof your commercial sloped roof building. If you find yourself facing issues with your sloped roof time and time again, it may be a sign you need to completely replace your commercial sloped roof rather than repair it.

Signs your sloped roof may need to be replaced:


Water is getting through the roof and leaking


Your roof has curled or missing shingles


Finding lots of sand granules in your eavestroughs or at the downspouts


You end up repairing your roof on a regular basis

Knights Roofing undergoes a strict process to ensure your roof is re-roofed efficiently and correctly, ensuring you face fewer issues in the long run. We start by completely removing and disposing of the existing roof. We will then install all new metal drip edges and flashing, ice and watershield membranes, underlays, and the roof covers (typically, asphalt shingles). We also replace and assess all vents to ensure they are up to building code standards. Knights Roofing also performs an extensive cleanup regimen where the entire jobsite is magnetically cleaned to ensure no screws or metal pieces can cause damage to vehicles or harm someone. If your commercial sloped roof needs to be replaced, trust Knights Roofing for a quality job!

Sloped Roof Commercial Buildings We Work With

Knights Roofing can help your new construction project with its sloped roof! Our expert team will ensure all architectural guides are followed and the installation is complete in a timely manner. Our team will keep your construction site clean, ensuring that waste and debris are disposed of immediately. If your new construction project requires a sloped roof, trust Knights Roofing! We’ll get the job done right with quality craftsmanship and materials.